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Shipping & Returns

Before you return to us, read and follow the instructions below. You can also contact our customer representative's customer. The owner of our service will be happy to assist you.

Make sure you understand the return policy to ensure that all the standard physics you sent back to us before picking up something.

Tax www.diannetheron.co.za reserves the right to suspend all returned products.

1. We provide a mechanical failure, except 180 days warranty for damage. We recommend giving you your questions, many of which can be addressed or self-regulating.

During the warranty period, we will repair your product, provided that the product has a manufacturing defect. This item (s) is the phase of item (s) that our order contains.

Incorrect handling of customer goods: Warranty ceases to occur for the following events. Any undue wear and tear. Cause human injuries.

Existing mail instruction (waiting for return) Specific question: No return will be accepted.

2. In some cases, you may request a refund or replacement within 14 days from the date of the original receipt.

3. If you want the goods, please contact our return address. Your name, address, e-mail address, order number, phone information, please contact: The returned item must contain the following information.

4. If the product is delivered damaged, misbranded or inconsistent, a replacement or refund is a 100% guarantee. However, we have already resulted in malicious conduct assuming no responsibility for (client / I) is damaged, replacing or repayment will be rejected.

5. Send to prove all defects of all the damaged goods the buyer needs for the image.

6. Will be restored until the original condition is accepted, the contest (S) records our order elements (S).

7. If return refund / exchange, and non-quality a case, in addition to shipping costs, we will deduct 9% of the total amount of item you love to give you a refund or other products (or money refunded balances responsible for product each element).

8. All pictures on our website are made from our digital images. Because of the lighting conditions and backgrounds, they can really be a bit different from what they are in the real world. This does not apply due to a replacement or refund.

9. Prices may vary from season to season and change our campaigns. Price changes are not replaced or refunded.

10. In exchange, return to the starting material and provide us with the following serial number in the follow-up connection. Once upon a time, we receive return of new products sent to you.

11. When refunded, be aware that this product must be sent to us with the tracking number and tracking serial link. When the product arrives, we will refund it immediately.

Need to know
After all, there are three major product control measures that they deliver to our customers. Remember your logistics signature before checking the product at the entrance. If it is bad or not purchased, you refuse to accept the product. Contact us immediately and communicate with us.

If the product is returned because the customer does not sign the reasons, it will be returned to the general requirements of the order of 9% offering shipment and handling deducted. In other words, a partial refund will be granted for the above situation. Customers except supplies pay shipping costs.

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